Keep on Keeping on

A speech by a journalist J.Foer on how people go through 3 different stages when acquiring any new skill. Be it playing a musical instrument or writing an ad, we start at a cognitive stage, where we are highly focused and go through a trial and error type of learning. As we get better we go to an associative stage: less errors and less focus. And finally, when we are more or less satisfied with the result, we go into an autonomous stage. We don’t have to be too focus anymore. We can even multitask. But that’s a devil in disguise. That’s how we get stuck at the OK plateau and stay mediocre forever. See the video and learn how to keep on learning.

John Cleese on Creativity

This an old speech on creativity given by John Cleese. Something to watch and remember. By heart. There was an older version of this, but it looks like it has been removed for some reason. This might be the reason the video below is called “a stand-up compilation” and not “a full speech on creativity”.